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On the Road. ...Again?
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The 25th day of May 2006


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Date: Thu 25-May-2006 13:54 pm
Subject: On the Road. ...Again?
Whereabouts:38°38'29.50"N, 90°30'39.10"W
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I had a quite lovely location I was intending to make the picture of the day. I drove past it on my way somewhere and thought "I'll have to take that picture on my way back". But "on my way back" turned out to be at about 06:00a on 26 May, so we're left with the only photo I took today as the picture of the day.

U.S. Routes 40/61 and Route 141
U.S. Routes 40/61 and Route 141
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kamoranakrre notes that certain persons might know U.S. 40/61 is duplexed with Interstate 64 at this point. You might notice that there is no I-64 sign. It is unwise to depend on I-64 around St Louis, so he'll thank you kindly to refer to this highway by its One True Name™.

(The cameras that can be found on most of the traffic signals in the area are just a cost-effective way of making a triplight. The resolution is worse than a cameraphone, so they're not going to mail you a ticket if you decide that a left turn on red isn't all that bad.)

Date:Mon 29-May-2006 15:44 pm (UTC)
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Interesting about the cameras...