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Out for an Afternoon Run
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The 31st day of May 2006


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Date: Wed 31-May-2006 23:39 pm
Subject: Out for an Afternoon Run
Whereabouts:38°38'56.30"N, 90°18'24.80"W
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Music of the moment:The Newbeats -Bread and Butter
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In the summertime, most of the students have left from the campus of fair Washington University (in St Louis). The walkways and fields are far from vacant, however, as can be seen in the picture of the day.

Squirrels of Summer
Squirrels of Summer
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kamoranakrre was not himself out for a run. (He much prefers bicycling to running.) The squirrels, however, were darting all over the place. He could see at least a dozen s.p.m. with minimal effort.