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Raze the Roof!
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The 1st day of June 2006


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Date: Thu 01-Jun-2006 23:36 pm
Subject: Raze the Roof!
Whereabouts:38°38'53.60"N, 90°18'35.40"W
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Music of the moment:Breaking Benjamin - Firefly
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You may recall from this picture of the day that you may recall from this picture of the day that Prince Hall is being torn down. They're in the process of this as we speak. (...Er, not that anyone's talking... Substitute "at press time" if you're feeling uncontrollably pedantic. (...Er, not that anything's being pressed... "as of the time of this writing"?)) There is a big hole in the building now. There are also many fences and construction barrels and the like. Although the campus is a pedestrian area (save the police and the various service vehicles that managed to get keycards to lower the bollards), several of the barrels come equipped with lovely orange blinking lights. Apparently even the ants are warned of the construction, as you can see in the picture of the day.

Blinking Barrels
Blinking Barrels
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kamoranakrre would rather have taken a picture of the lightning bugs that came out after the storm this evening, but the construction barrels were far more acquiescent to my request that they hold still for the photo.