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Another Pancake House
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The 2nd day of June 2006


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Date: Fri 02-Jun-2006 22:25 pm
Subject: Another Pancake House
Whereabouts:38°35'32.40"N, 90°30'05.00"W
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Recently, the picture of the day was inside an IHOP. Well, this one is inside a restaurant so famous, it's on the St Louis in a Box board. In Uncle Bill's Pancake House is the picture of the day.

Uncle Bill's
Uncle Bill's
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kamoranakrre wasn't sure whether to get pancakes or biscuits with his meal. When the waitress asked he said, "Biscuits." She said, "Pancakes?" He said, "...Sure." All at the table were amused (and the pancakes were tasty).

Date:Sat 03-Jun-2006 13:47 pm (UTC)
Subject:The best part....
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Is that I knew exactly where this picture was taken without reading your post (I did read the post though)
Date:Mon 05-Jun-2006 09:26 am (UTC)
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yay~ i like uncle bills :)