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My Pavilion, It Has Three Corners
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The 7th day of June 2006


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Date: Wed 07-Jun-2006 13:58 pm
Subject: My Pavilion, It Has Three Corners
Whereabouts:36°36'02.76462"N, 83°40'31.24242"W
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If you're willing to hike 1.2 miles up a mountain in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, you can reach Tri-State Peak, where Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia come together. There's a pavilion there with little signs giving basic facts about each of the three states. In the centre of the pavilion is a Geodetic Survey marker. It's the picture of the day.

Tri-State Peak
Tri-State Peak
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kamoranakrre got the coördinates for this marker by looking up the datasheet for this marker, "Virginia Corner 2" (part of the name of which you can read on the marker), on the Nat'l Geodetic Survey website.