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Down the Lane
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The 9th day of June 2006


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Date: Fri 09-Jun-2006 07:17 am
Subject: Down the Lane
Whereabouts:36°37'08"N, 83°55'57"W
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When driving down a one-lane road, you might think that the big obstacle to your progress would be any oncoming traffic. Despite traversing the length of this road in Blue Hollow for several days, I never once saw another vehicle travelling at the same time. What did get in the way, however, was something a bit harder to circumnavigate, otherwise known as the picture of the day.

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
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kamoranakrre was amused to see this mule walking down the road towards his vehicle. It eventually decided to leave the pavement, and he continued on his way.

He doesn't know exactly where this picture was taken, but has marked the intersection of this road with Kentucky State Highway 190 for your information.