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Better Than the State Ditch!
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The 10th day of June 2006


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Date: Sat 10-Jun-2006 10:32 am
Subject: Better Than the State Ditch!
Whereabouts:38°16'38.90"N, 85°57'47.90"W
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If you've travelled Interstate 70 across the heartland you may've noticed that you cross the Bayliss State Ditch. Well, what's better than that can be found at the Indiana Welcome Center outside of Louisville, Kentucky. It's the picture of the day.

Indiana Limestone Sinkhole
Indiana Limestone Sinkhole
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kamoranakrre drove by here some years ago and a many trees were down just outside the rest area grounds. It turns out a tornado touched down here. The building remained intact, but the trees and some picnic tables were not so lucky.