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The 16th day of June 2006


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Date: Fri 16-Jun-2006 23:44 pm
Subject: The Pace of the Future
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Music of the moment:The Amateurs - The Disney Afternoon
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Electronic metronomes can be very annoying. They beep and tock and ding and generally make obnoxious sounds in various patterns. There is nothing fluid about them; they just trigger at intervals and then go silent 'til the next time math and electricity combine to shout another tone.

On the other hand, a good old-fashioned mechanical metronome has some flow to it. It's always moving, progressing from tick to tick. [For those of you who like car analogies: I also prefer analogue speedometers to their digital counterparts.] Even when it isn't ticking, it provides a visual clue as to the progress of time.

It comes as no surprise, then, that there are no electronic metronomes in the picture of the day.

The Timekeeper
The Timekeeper
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If you've been to the Magic Kingdom or another Disneyland clone (as kamoranakrre has), then you may've seen the attraction called The Timekeeper, which featured Robin Williams as the audio-animatronic inventor of a time-travelling nine-eyed robot. It was a good show, despite having to stand (with the assistance of lean rails) throughout.

Date:Sat 17-Jun-2006 14:26 pm (UTC)
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I would like to point out that there are electronic metronomes with a display that has a hand that moves. Many of them also have colored lights that you can watch to know where the beat is.
Date:Sat 17-Jun-2006 17:54 pm (UTC)
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Aye, they look like they move, but they are still discrete displays. It is either here or there or there or there (&c.)--only an analogue metronome actually moves. It's an elegant solution, and it never dies from run-down batteries!