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The Pace of the Future

Electronic metronomes can be very annoying. They beep and tock and ding and generally make obnoxious sounds in various patterns. There is nothing fluid about them; they just trigger at intervals and then go silent 'til the next time math and electricity combine to shout another tone.

On the other hand, a good old-fashioned mechanical metronome has some flow to it. It's always moving, progressing from tick to tick. [For those of you who like car analogies: I also prefer analogue speedometers to their digital counterparts.] Even when it isn't ticking, it provides a visual clue as to the progress of time.

It comes as no surprise, then, that there are no electronic metronomes in the picture of the day.

The Timekeeper
The Timekeeper
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If you've been to the Magic Kingdom or another Disneyland clone (as kamoranakrre has), then you may've seen the attraction called The Timekeeper, which featured Robin Williams as the audio-animatronic inventor of a time-travelling nine-eyed robot. It was a good show, despite having to stand (with the assistance of lean rails) throughout.

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