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A North-South Route
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The 24th day of June 2006


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Date: Sat 24-Jun-2006 23:02 pm
Subject: A North-South Route
Whereabouts:38°36'00.90"N, 90°24'23.30"W
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Music of the moment:The Canadian Brass - The Silver Swan
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I just got Highway 61 Revisited: 1,699 Miles from New Orleans to Pigeon River from the library yesterday. The author says that U.S. Highway 61 has as much (if not more of) a claim to being the mother road as the decommissioned U.S. Highway 66 does. Route 61 is a far better cross section of our country (and the St Louis area, for that matter).

Today I drove for a bit along U.S. 61. and bring to you a set of shields for the picture of the day.

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kamoranakrre doubts Lewis and Clark decided to make a right turn here, though Manchester was no doubt a happening place in 1804.