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Oxnard? What's an Oxnard?
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The 28th day of June 2006


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Date: Wed 28-Jun-2006 17:08 pm
Subject: Oxnard? What's an Oxnard?
Whereabouts:34°05'04.50"N, 119°02'29.70"W
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For the second time, I travelled the Pacific Coast Highway (California S.R. 1) north from Santa Monica to Oxnard. Passing into Ventura County, we pulled off the road to walk a bit along the coastline. azigazi and thornspeak find themselves looking southward in this picture of the day.

Ventura Highway
Ventura Highway
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This road is not to be confused with the Ventura Freeway (which is, of course, not a two-lane road). kamoranakrre prefers the coastal route, though.