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Another Lovely Day...
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The 15th day of July 2006


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Date: Sat 15-Jul-2006 12:24 pm
Subject: Another Lovely Day...
Whereabouts:38°37'23.00"N, 90°11'27.00"W
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Music of the moment:The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra - American Salute
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...Another Cardinals game and another Busch Stadium picture of the day.

Grand Opening...!
Grand Opening...!
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It was the Grand Opening of the new Big Mac Land (or so they said over the loudspeaker), though kamoranakrre suspects the firetrucks holding the American flag are there for a different reason.

(The coördinates given for this entry are actually those of the streetcorner on which the parking garage is located. It should be easier to find better ones at such time as Google decides to update its satellite imagery with photos taken after the construction of the new stadium.)

Also, I got a new userpic out of this trip downtown. Only in St Louis have I seen three different highways sharing one Interstate shield.