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Isn't That Nice?
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The 18th day of July 2006


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Date: Tue 18-Jul-2006 17:31 pm
Subject: Isn't That Nice?
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So apparently Wydown Terrace is on the National Register of Historic Places. They say so on the plaque in the picture of the day.

Wydown Terrace, N.R.H.P.
Wydown Terrace, N.R.H.P.
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kamoranakrre checked Wikipedia, and it says there are about 79,000 historic places on the national register (as of December 2005).

(For the record, the NPS says the Wydown-Forsyth District (Reference #88000628) is "[r]oughly bounded by Forsyth, Skinker Blvd., Fauquier and Wydown Terrace Dr., and University Ln.".)