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Lights Out
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The 19th day of July 2006


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Date: Wed 19-Jul-2006 23:59 pm
Subject: Lights Out
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Music of the moment:Chumbawamba - Wizard of Menlo Park
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When you get a storm from the northeast (which in some places might be called a nor'easter), bad things happen. We got one of those. There are many thousands of homes without electricity this evening, and ours is no exception. (Strangely enough the Friday's not too far from here does have power, so we still had a lovely hot meal despite the lack of potential in our own kitchen.) There's more than one way to skin a room and light a cat, such as the candle on a plate seen in the picture of the day.

We Will Make Electricity So Cheap...
We Will Make Electricity So Cheap...
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...that only the rich will burn candles. --Thomas Edison

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