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Liggett III
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The 2nd day of August 2006


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Date: Wed 02-Aug-2006 18:53 pm
Subject: Liggett III
Whereabouts:38°38'43.45"N, 90°18'44.85"W
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You may recall that there was a previous picture entitled Liggett Hall I. The dirt you see in this picture is the remains of the second Liggett Hall, and the building behind the dirt is the new Liggett House. (Dorms Residence Halls are called Houses these days. This is noteable because there are occasionally Houses with the same name as Halls (e.g. Umrath, Loptata.) Anyway, on to the picture of the day.

Clocktower and L/K
Clocktower and L/K
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kamoranakrre points out that the building directly behind the clocktower is the new Koenig House. The new Liggett and Koenig Houses are connected (as are many of the buildings on the South 40).