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Wandering the Midwest
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The 4th day of August 2006


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Date: Fri 04-Aug-2006 16:36 pm
Subject: Wandering the Midwest
Whereabouts:40°37'47.00"N, 91°18'27.00"W
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Music of the moment:Kansas - Dust in the Wind
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Today evil_puffball and kamoranakrre ventured up north to Iowa. There is frequent train traffic, which we watched for awhile in Fort Madison. One train is the picture of the day.

BNSF Railway
A BNSF train heading through town
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kamoranakrre also got a new and better picture of a Primary Iowa Welcome Center sign to update his Iowa??? userpic. The sign does a surprisingly good job of summarizing the state of Iowa and all the interesting possibilities to be had there.

But for some reason, kamoranakrre and evil_puffball still travelled up there. Maybe it's because they have giant question marks stamped on their foreheads?