Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan (kamoranakrre) wrote,
Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan

Hello Again!

Today kamoranakrre fulfilled his monthlong dream of riding the MetroLink to the airport and back just to eat at the Burger King. He stopped in a corridor to look out the window and ended up with the picture of the day.

AmericanConnection (N295SK)
AmericanConnection (N295SK)
800x600 (87 KB) · gallery page

My favourite plane to ride in was the L-1011. But it seems most of the planes I end up in these days are these tiny Embraer things that only seat three across and don't actually have sufficient headroom. This particular plane is an EMB-135KL (according to the FAA).

* * *

Someone else is having their monthlong dream fulfilled, too, as the Pictures of the Day have finally been updated! If you want to catch up on what's been missing, here's the list:

  1. Petrol Pricing
  2. <<No Carrier>>
  3. Another Lovely Day...
  4. David's Breakfast Cereal
  5. Fractured Vision
  6. Isn't That Nice?
  7. Lights Out
  8. Powered Down
  9. Empty Queue
  10. Pegging the Speedometer...
  11. Looking Up
  12. Foraging Was Never This Easy!
  13. March On!
  14. Walkway
  15. Something You Don't See Every Day...
  16. *So* Many
  17. Motion Picture Show
  18. If I Had Five Dollars
  19. Driving in the Dark

  20. August
  21. A Quest for Jeans...
  22. Liggett III
  23. Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays...
  24. Wandering the Midwest
  25. Pianopicking
  26. Another Squirrel
  27. It's Something
  28. Your Hometown Sports Grill
  29. Fine
  30. (...and Bubbles, Too!)
  31. Waiting...
  32. Bicycle Parkway
  33. Well, Which Is It?
  34. Church on a Hill
  35. Surplus Spices
  36. A Bit to the West
  37. Empty Parking Lot
  38. It's Glad You're There
  39. Now You Don't!
  40. Almost As Advertised

Of course, you could always just go to the first one and keep following the Next Entry link until you get back to this one rather than following all those links.

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