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Looking for a Little Bit of Adventure
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The 25th day of August 2006


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Date: Fri 25-Aug-2006 17:49 pm
Subject: Looking for a Little Bit of Adventure
Whereabouts:42°27'24.00"N, 92°21'20.00"W
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far too amused
Music of the moment:Adrian Holovaty - Gypsy Jazz
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kamoranakrre, azigazi, et. al. were making their way north along the Avenue of the Saints to Northfield, Minnesota. Everything was going well until the right-rear breakpad decided to come off of their vehicle and slice the breakline on its way out. So they found themselves at a filling station in Waterloo, Iowa waiting for a towtruck. This provided the right opportunity for a picture of the day.

Waterloo Basketgirl
Waterloo Basketgirl
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This particular Sinclair station is attached to a bank, and Friday is payday. There was quite the flow of depositors who were the slightest bit annoyed at a towtruck and car obstructing their access to fresh funds.

Also, Kum & Go (One is across the street.) shouldn't be allowed to have those bright blinky red lights on top of their signs.

Oh, and there are definitely no compound words in this entry that should actually be two separate words.