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Blue Skies over Northfield
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The 27th day of August 2006


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Date: Sun 27-Aug-2006 09:44 am
Subject: Blue Skies over Northfield
Whereabouts:44°27'38.50"N, 93°08'59.80"W
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Music of the moment:John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack and Diane
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Before heading back home to Missouri, we made one last visit to the campus of Carleton College. And kamoranakrre took one last Minnesotan picture of the day.

Evans Hall at Carleton College
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While at Target last night we were amused to discover that the back to school signs had some issues. They read: Welcome back St. Olaf and Carlton Colleges with an e caretted in with a black marker on each one. Obviously these signs were made by someone from that other school.