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Far Off Lands
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The 29th day of August 2006


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Date: Tue 29-Aug-2006 16:03 pm
Subject: Far Off Lands
Whereabouts:38°37'38.00"N, 90°12'28.00"W
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Today in the parking lot of St. Louis Union Station kamoranakrre encountered the picture of the day.

Flippin Police
Flippin Police patrol car
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  • There is a Flippin, Arkansas. I have no idea if this car came from there or not.
  • Sorry about the poor picture quality... It looks great on a two-inch screen!
  • When leaving Union Station a guy came up to me to share in his spoils. Seems somebody left a pack of cigarettes lying on a table outside, and he noticed and picked them up. That was nice of him to offer.
  • On the train back someone was talking about how Metrolink was saving them $120.00/week in gas. I'm impressed that they were driving some 1,000 miles every week along a path the train serves.
  • One of the security guards at the Shrewsbury-Landsdowne I-44 station must think I'm mighty suspicious. I was the only one on the platform that he asked to see valid fare from. Maybe he's afraid of cameras?

Date:Wed 30-Aug-2006 16:00 pm (UTC)
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Love the picture, love the stories! Yes, I'll bet it was the camera that caught the guard's attention. Thank goodness you weren't holding something really dangerous, like a juice box and nail clippers!