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Welcome Back!
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The 30th day of August 2006


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Date: Wed 30-Aug-2006 12:04 pm
Subject: Welcome Back!
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It's the first day of the fall semester at fair Washington, so the walkways are once again full of wandering students. The fields are now full once again of frisbeers and footballers (of the soccer variety). While some of the footballers were forming teams they found themselves in the picture of the day.

Back to School
Students on Mudd Field with crane and bus in background
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This picture also shows some of the ongoing changes to campus. There's a huge hole where the parking garage and student center will one day be. There's a MetroBus, now that Metro has replaced two of the shuttle lines with the "WUSTL Red" and "WUSTL Gold" bus routes.

kamoranakrre is glad to see the campus come alive again (though there's a lot to be said for the quiet of a summer afternoon here). There were even people teeter-tottering for charity.