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To Good Use
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The 1st day of September 2006


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Date: Fri 01-Sep-2006 23:56 pm
Subject: To Good Use
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Music of the moment:Wild Mountain Thyme - The Moose Song
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When kamoranakrre isn't using his bicycle for transportation, it still finds usefulness as seen in this picture of the day.

Telephone Stand
Wired telephone on rear rack of a bicycle
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Sure, it could sit on the cart next to the Nerf six-shooter, but the extra height of the rack makes it a lot easier to grab. Now, if only we had people who aren't telemarketers, debt-collectors-seeking-the-previous-owner-of-our-number, or random-inmates-attempting-to-call-us-collect-for-reasons-we-don't-know-since-we-always-deny-the-charges ringing our phone.