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Evening Stroll
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The 3rd day of September 2006


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Date: Sun 03-Sep-2006 20:09 pm
Subject: Evening Stroll
Whereabouts:38°32'31.00"N, 89°59'00.10"W
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Music of the moment:Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis
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It's a tradition in many households to go for a walk, constitutional, stroll, or somesuch in the evenings. kamoranakrre thinks it's not a bad idea. Tonight he decided that he would walk to dinner at Wendy's... in Swansea, Illinois. With the help of MetroLink to get him across the river, he found his way to Illinois St. and the picture of the day.

Illinois State Route 159
View north on Illinois State Route 159
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On the way back, he got off at the Arch-Lacelede's Landing stop to switch trains. (Trains that go as far east as Swansea only take the Lambert Airport line.) Through the brick archways, the platform overlooked a twelve-bar blues band performing. The Mighty Mississippi certainly holds some charm--surely there were other people in the station moving to the beat...?