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The 9th day of September 2006


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Date: Sat 09-Sep-2006 21:56 pm
Subject: eWhat?
Whereabouts:38°31'40.50"N, 90°21'50.50"W
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Music of the moment:Al Hirt - Java
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Tonight, kamoranakrre, etherealsquid, et al. went to see The Protector down at Ronnie's. In the same plaza are a number of other stores. Out of the lack of a clue as to what eJava might be was born the picture of the day.

eJava & Wines
eJava & Wines store
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Reward for any information leading to the understanding of what an eJava is. (The reward, in case you might be wondering, is 2 points*.)

They also have an arcade at Ronnie's. Thanks to a good supply of quarters, this residence is now home to thirty (30) super-bouncy rubber balls.

*No cash value. No exchanges or refunds. Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. See store for details--maybe it'll help you figure out what it is.