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The 11th day of September 2006


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Date: Mon 11-Sep-2006 19:38 pm
Subject: Shan't
Whereabouts:38°37'20.00"N, 90°11'34.00"W
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Today kamoranakrre and more than 41,000 other people went to see the Cardinals beat the Astros of Houston by a score of 7-0. Given that today is also 11 September, it comes as no surprise to see this picture of the day.

We Shall Not Forget
Scoreboard at Busch Stadium displaying 'We Shall Not Forget'
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Anheuser-Busch -- St. Louis, Missouri.

Date:Sun 17-Sep-2006 16:57 pm (UTC)
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Once long ago, we were forced to play fantasy baseball and my partner and I ended up with the Astros.