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In the Near Future...
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The 12th day of September 2006


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Date: Tue 12-Sep-2006 20:18 pm
Subject: In the Near Future...
Whereabouts:38°38'52.80"N, 90°18'17.50"W
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As part of the changes for the Campus-formerly-known-as-Hilltop being named for the Danforths, the University constructed a new Danforth Plaza in front of Brookings Hall. Complete with a fountain(!), this new plaza is a big improvement over the former cracking stone walkway that occupied this space. It even comes with a super-sized seal to avoid stepping on. Take a look, via the picture of the day.

Danforth Plaza
Danforth Plaza
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Also contained in this picture is someone engaging in one largest pastimes on campus... standing in places that would make good settings for photographs and talking on a mobile phone.

If you were wondering: This entry in kamoranakrre is In the Near Future... because the lovely informative markers at either end are dated 17-September-2006.