The Meandering Mind of Kamoranakrre
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The 13th day of September 2006


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Date: Wed 13-Sep-2006 21:48 pm
Subject: Imagine...
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Music of the moment:Mark Jonathan Davis - Star Wars Cantina
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It's the picture of the day.

A Wicker Weave
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Maybe few others will appreciate the motivation for this picture, but looking at it reminds kamoranakrre of the mission to Farpoint Station.

Date:Fri 15-Sep-2006 15:45 pm (UTC)
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If I were you, I wouldn't be looking forward to your impending trial in the courts of the mid-21st century.
Date:Fri 15-Sep-2006 20:22 pm (UTC)
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Well, at least it's a time of more rapid progress...