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Routes Divide
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The 23rd day of September 2006


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Date: Sat 23-Sep-2006 15:38 pm
Subject: Routes Divide
Whereabouts:38°48'59.00"N, 90°07'10.80"W
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Music of the moment:Ed Miller - The Last Trip Home
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Since I was feeling significantly reënergized and a little adventure is always fun, we headed out to Jones-Confluence Point State Park. They sure don't make it easy to get to... Just before you get to the bridge to Alton, turn and cut through the Army Corps of Engineers Bird Sanctuary, turn right onto the gravel road that cuts through the middle of some farmland (complete with dozens of No Trespassing signs) for several miles... and then you're there! What you see there includes what you see here in the picture of the day.

Junction Rock
Rock at the Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
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In case you don't know much about geography, there are several signs to tell you that the Missouri River is the one flowing from the right and that the Mississippi River is the one flowing from the left. kamoranakrre stuck his hand in the water right in front of this rock; he's not sure which river that counts as...