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The Return
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The 24th day of September 2006


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Date: Sun 24-Sep-2006 15:44 pm
Subject: The Return
Whereabouts:38°46'38.10"N, 90°28'55.40"W
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On a quest for magical (or, at least, pretty) items, kamoranakrre found himself across a river once more. (Funny how that happens 'round here...) While walking along the Katy Trail in Frontier Park, he stopped to take the picture of the day.

St. Charles Station
Old train station in Frontier Park, St. Charles, MO
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Coincidentally, the Lewis & Clark Expedition just returned to the city this weekend after their two-year voyage to the Pacific. (Well..., the reënactment of the bicentennial of the return is now camped out in the park.) Parked at the campsite were two very large white vans and one of the actors was just washing his hands outside a Johnny-on-the-Spot when I walked past. Do I expect too much in the way of historical accuracy?

Date:Mon 25-Sep-2006 07:11 am (UTC)
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