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Today in St. Louis
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The 28th day of September 2006


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Date: Thu 28-Sep-2006 17:44 pm
Subject: Today in St. Louis
Whereabouts:38°37'30.00"N, 90°11'45.50"W
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One thing that can't be said of the City of St. Louis is that they forgot to include green space in their plans. While kamoranakrre was downtown today he walked through some green space and took the picture of the day.

Green Space
Green Space
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It's interesting that Americans have adopted downtown as a term for a city centre. Silly New York...

...In an amusing twist, the satellite view Google currently has for this location is from when it was being used as a gravel parking lot.

Date:Fri 29-Sep-2006 20:39 pm (UTC)
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Oh! That tall building on the right is the one I work in. Thirty-eighth floor, two windows from the right, but four cubicals back from the window so it's always darkish. Sometimes I walk down the aisle and look out the window at the pretty green and white patterns and wave at the little animated dots wandering around down there. Hi!