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Jefferson Nat'l Expansion Memorial
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The 1st day of October 2006


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Date: Sun 01-Oct-2006 15:13 pm
Subject: Jefferson Nat'l Expansion Memorial
Whereabouts:38°37'25.60"N, 90°11'07.00"W
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Music of the moment:The Feed - Bridges
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Finding an beautiful afternoon that was not encumbered by an overabundance of things that need doing, kamoranakrre decided to head into the city once more. He heard a band called The Feed perform at the Taste of St. Louis and took the obligatory picture from Kiener Plaza that lines up the Statue, Courthouse, and Arch into one shot. (By the way, I definitely think you could open up a successful retail outlet by the name Statue, Courthouse, and Arch. ...Though I s'pose it doesn't quite have the ring to it that Stix, Baer, and Fuller does.) By obligatory, I mean that everyone he saw with a camera stopped in front of the fountain to take the same picture. But he took a different one to use for the picture of the day.

Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch
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What other city has a six-hundred-thirty-foot tall arch? That's what I thought!