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Trust Me
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The 2nd day of October 2006


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Date: Mon 02-Oct-2006 23:59 pm
Subject: Trust Me
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quite fine
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One thing that makes digital photography different than film photography, is that digital photographs can be upside-down (or sideways). If you take a picture with film, while the camera is upside-down, people will just flip the photograph over when they look at it. If there's a street at the top (or the left), they'll just assume it belongs at the bottom and rotate appropriately. But with a digital photograph, there is only one possible top.

The photograph you're about to see was not taken upside-down, however. I had my tripod on the ground (It balances much better there than when I try to rest it on the ceiling!) for this picture of the day.

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kamoranakrre hoped that flipping it would make it say YES, but alas.