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High Hopes
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The 8th day of October 2006


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Date: Sun 08-Oct-2006 16:57 pm
Subject: High Hopes
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In Richmond Heights, Missouri can be found a peculiar skyline. There is only one tall building. If there were others like it around, it would seem fairly normal (like in Clayton, Missouri in the distance). But nearby this tower there are even streets with empty lots. Take a look at the picture of the day.

Route I-170 North
Route I-170 North
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kamoranakrre took another picture today, facing south from this same location. He almost posted that one, but then you'd be listening to several paragraphs complaining about how there's a Target store located in the middle of the freeway right-of-way instead of a freeway.

Date:Mon 09-Oct-2006 15:14 pm (UTC)
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St. Louis County's Sideboarding Choice:

-1 Interstate
+1 Target

Fills me with rage and driving inconvenience.
Date:Wed 11-Oct-2006 22:59 pm (UTC)
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I know a bit of disturbing history about that building. Shortly after it was built, the older brother of a boy I went to school with committed suicide by jumping off the roof. (This would have been about 35 years ago.) It was originally built with a rooftop garden, but they took it all out then and locked off the entrance to the roof. AFAIK still you can't go out that door.