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The Quest for Parking
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The 11th day of October 2006


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Date: Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:24 pm
Subject: The Quest for Parking
Whereabouts:38°38'55.80"N, 90°18'11.90"W
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If you're one of the many people who paid $500 for a yellow parking permit at fair Washington University, it can be quite a quest to find a reasonably close parking space. kamoranakrre hasn't ever had this problem, since his main transportation is bipedal, bicycle, bus, or train.1 That hasn't stopped him from looking out the windows and watching the cars passing by. Today the parking situation looke like a picture of the day.

Three Windows
A parking lot through a set of three windows
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See any parking spaces? I didn't.

1If you're thinking to yourself, "Hey! The first of those is an adjective and the rest of those are nouns; that's faulty parallelism!" then you've earned yourself a cookie. Congratulations! For an extra cookie, pick a noun starting with 'b' that concisely indicates the same idea without being awkward.

Date:Tue 17-Oct-2006 04:53 am (UTC)
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out of curiosity, which building is the picture taken from?
Date:Tue 17-Oct-2006 05:13 am (UTC)
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It was taken from the second floor of Whitaker Hall. The specific window seat is the one at the coördinates listed on this entry (You can see it if you choose the satellite or hybrid view and zoom in close in Google Maps.) on the south side of the building.
Date:Wed 18-Oct-2006 16:09 pm (UTC)
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One University of Evansville Parking Pass (any color) - $50.00
University of Evansville Parking Citation (with permit) - $25.00
Ability to park in ANY parking lot on campus (even motorcycle) without penalty after 17:00 - Priceless

*I didn't know that it was referred to as 'faulty parallelism,' but I did notice your mixture of adjective and nouns. Perhaps I am entitled to half of a cookie? (I prefer Oreo - it is, after all, America's Favorite Cookie....)