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It's Dark!
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The 25th day of October 2006


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Date: Wed 25-Oct-2006 20:23 pm
Subject: It's Dark!
Whereabouts:38°38'52.80"N, 90°18'17.80"W
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Music of the moment:Duke Ellington - Chelsea Bridge
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The rain makes things shiny. This photo is perhaps not the best way to show it, but this vantage point under the archway makes for a much drier camera (and kamoranakrre) than some closer ones that might be shinier. Anyway, here's the picture of the day.

Brookings Drive
Brookings Drive
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Yes, the boulevard with all the cars on it is the one seen here, whereas Brookings Drive is the name for the tree-, parallel-parking-, and pothole-lined driveways that go from the roundabout to here.