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...It's Not Broken
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The 26th day of October 2006


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Date: Thu 26-Oct-2006 16:38 pm
Subject: ...It's Not Broken
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There's really nothing functionally wrong with these signs and traffic signals, so changing them is something the City of St. Louis is unlikely to do in the near future, but it seems to kamoranakrre that a little thing like aligning the signs (to say nothing of making the street smooth and having it not flood during a hard rain) goes a long way towards the "image" a locale projects to its visitors. He's curious what impression you get from seeing the picture of the day.

6200 Delmar Blvd
6200 Delmar Blvd
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[Of course, there are places where a visible street sign of any sort is hard to come by, so things could be a lot worse.]

Ten points if you make a convincing argument that angling the signs as such makes this traffic signal less likely to snap/break/fall during a windstorm.