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Autumn (Continued)
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The 9th day of November 2006


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Date: Thu 09-Nov-2006 09:31 am
Subject: Autumn (Continued)
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It would be sad to live in Disney World. Why? Because they pay people to keep the sidewalks really-really-clean... so you'd never get to stop and see the picture of the day.

Dotted Walk
Leaf-covered sidewalk
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kamoranakrre also enjoys dodging the nuts being tossed about by the squirrels.

Date:Fri 26-Jan-2007 13:25 pm (UTC)
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Of course, I would also point out that in Disney World, most of the trees don't lose there leaves in the fall, either, thereby making it much harder to see the picture of the day even without the sidewalk cleaners.
Date:Fri 26-Jan-2007 23:07 pm (UTC)
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What beautiful colors!