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Almost an Admissions Brochure
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The 13th day of November 2006


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Date: Mon 13-Nov-2006 12:34 pm
Subject: Almost an Admissions Brochure
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The people who take photos for those glossy brochures that universities spam prospective students must only work about three weeks out of the year. There's always an obligatory outdoor landscape with students sitting/lying/standing/walking across some section of campus while the trees are in full autumn colours. Even though it's only mid-November and students are enjoying the lovely weather, it's already too late for the leaves in this picture of the day.

Lunchtime in the Quadrangle
Lunchtime in the Quadrangle
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For a long time, kamoranakrre kept a box full of these brochures and other mailings that he received years ago and never really bothered to look at. (The worst were the ones for some dozen schools that were very obviously run by the same agency, as they all had very similar fake personal letters with a P.S. at the bottom offering something special and were all mailed from the same ZIP code that was nowhere near any of the institutions.) He can only imagine the loads of junk mail that more important people get on a daily basis asking them to go places and/or do things. (For example, Shakespeare's Pizza (featured in this picture of the day) claims they summed the solicitations for donations they received one month and it exceeded their total sales.)