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Did You Know?: Crossing Rivers Adds Twenty Minutes to Your Travel Time
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The 16th day of November 2006


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Date: Thu 16-Nov-2006 18:10 pm
Subject: Did You Know?: Crossing Rivers Adds Twenty Minutes to Your Travel Time
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If you're in the mood for something delicious involving butterburgers, frozen custard, or cheese curds, then you might find yourself with this picture of the day.

Your Order Number Is: #12
A little sign as used by fast food restaurants to match up order to person
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kamoranakrre wishes there were more Culver's closer to home. Maybe they could put one at the end of his street?

Date:Wed 14-Feb-2007 17:00 pm (UTC)
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Where is there a Culver's within reach of St. Louis? I'd go there. Even if it meant crossing the river into the scaaaaaary land of Illinois to do so.
Date:Wed 14-Feb-2007 17:39 pm (UTC)
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There's one on Lindbergh down by I-55, one out I-44 at Bowles, and one at I-70 and Cave Springs; this one's in Collinsville at the first exit off of I-55/70 past I-255. I like going there because then when driving back you get to see the whole skyline of the city as you're approaching the river.

So they're scattered around the outside of the area, but thus far none of them have come much past the outerbelt.