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Forgetting Something?

The trouble with headwear is that you tend to leave it places. When I used to wear my ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004 cap regularly, I would frequently forget it random places. I once left it on the counter at the bank and at least once in a booth at Denny's. But thankfully there were always helpful people around to help it find its way back home.

If you forget your headwear one day, and if it can survive the loneliness, it might decide that it wants to take a break wasting time on a computer. It might also surprise you by showing up in the picture of the day.

Hooded Monitor
A hood hanging from a computer monitor
800x600 (53 KB) · gallery page

So after typing in all the metadata and giving this post a subject, kamoranakrre pressed the preview button in order that he might check if the entry is ready to be posted... Then he realised he hadn't actually added any text whatsoever. Apparently, he was forgetting something.

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