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The 4th day of December 2006


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Date: Mon 04-Dec-2006 12:09 pm
Subject: I'm a Leaf on the Wind
Whereabouts:40°15'23.30"N, 94°01'40.00"W
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Bethany, Missouri is a lovely town. It's the county seat of Harrison County, it has a Country Kitchen that's celebrating an anniversary by rolling back prices, and it has a lovely 24-hour towing company in the event you find your automobile looks like the picture of the day.

End of the Road
Formerly useable car
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No kamoranakrres were harmed in the taking of this photograph. (Though one is in Bethany, Missouri when he ought to be closer to home by now...)

Date:Wed 07-Mar-2007 21:57 pm (UTC)
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Gah! What happened to the car?

(I'm impressed that whatever it was, it didn't break the windows -- was the car totalled, or could you get away with a new hood and bumper?)
Date:Fri 09-Mar-2007 18:07 pm (UTC)
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A pickup truck decided it wanted to become more closely acquainted with my beautiful red car while we were travelling down I-35. After a little bit of spinning, we found ourselves almost completely on the shoulder at a 45° angle left of forwards. Amazingly, my little car could still drive, despite the fact that all these parts are hanging off the front.

Unfortunately, the cost of repairing the damage exceeded the car's value by quite a bit--and it wasn't safe to drive as is, so this was where we parted ways.