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Fairway to Freeway
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The 9th day of December 2006


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Date: Sat 09-Dec-2006 23:56 pm
Subject: Fairway to Freeway
Whereabouts:38°42'22.20"N, 90°28'42.35"W
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Music of the moment:Billy Joel - River of Dreams
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Many years ago I had a friend whose house backed to a wide open corridor of land. Someone from the neighbourhood had built a sand volleyball court and even a three-hole golf course (complete with those red ball-washer towers) in this wide corridor. But those things are gone now... because the land was owned by MoDOT and now there's a ten-lane freeway in the corridor. You've seen it before, and you see it again now as the picture of the day.

Midnight Freeway
A freeway with a few cars driving at night
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kamoranakrre really did take this picture late at night--light pollution just does a good job simulating a sunset (or sunrise, since this view is looking eastbound).

Date:Tue 08-May-2007 18:17 pm (UTC)
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Yay for pictures of the day!