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Into the Next Quarter...
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The 15th day of December 2006


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Date: Fri 15-Dec-2006 16:57 pm
Subject: Into the Next Quarter...
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...and still no Wendy's in St Louis. They continue to spend their advertising dollars to show images of their wares on area televisions, but there's no hope of increasing their business, save for those intrepid St Louisans willing to trek to Edwardsville, Illinois or Herculaneum, Missouri. Seeing the restaurant in this shape doesn't inspire hope of a reopening any time soon, though it does inspire the taking of a picture of the day.

Once a Wendy's
Closed Wendy's restaurant
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The former Wendy's at 4115 Lindell Blvd. is actually for sale (rather than lease). kamoranakrre wishes somebody would buy it and turn it into a Culver's (though he knows it's far more urban than they typically aim for). :)