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A Film You'd Lvoe to See
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The 19th day of December 2006


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Date: Tue 19-Dec-2006 20:50 pm
Subject: A Film You'd Lvoe to See
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While walking down Clayton Road today, kamoranakrre found the picture of the day.

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Theatre marquee
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Yes, it can be hard to catch slip-ups while up there working on the sign, since it's not easy to read the whole text from so close. At least misspelling Charlotte is understandable since it's not as if it's the name of a large city in North Carolina or found on a poster hanging on the wall of the same building...

(...I sure hope there aren't some twenty-five spelling mistakes in this entry to make a clown out of the person pointing out the one on the sign!)

Date:Mon 14-May-2007 12:37 pm (UTC)
Subject:Bond, James Bond Y'All
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Does that sign say Casino Royall? They Royale screwed up that week.
Date:Mon 14-May-2007 19:23 pm (UTC)
Subject:Re: Bond, James Bond Y'All
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It's a bit hard to tell since the lighting washes out the letters rather effectively, but I think the last letter is an E.