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The 2nd day of January 2007


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Date: Tue 02-Jan-2007 15:34 pm
Subject: Spurred On
Whereabouts:38°40'36.50"N, 90°18'51.70"W
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When I need to drive across town, it's fun to go a different way every time. Even roads a half-mile apart lead to great changes in scenery. For example, on Page Avenue there are points surprisingly far west at which the Arch just creeps over the horizon. You won't see that in this entry (since the other drivers would be quite angry if I stopped in the middle of the road), but more to the east can be found today's picture of the day.

Page & Pennsylvania
Route D at Route 180 Spur, Pagedale, Missouri
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kamoranakrre's favourite route to the City Limits is probably Olive Blvd. A bit past this same cross-street (Pennsylvania Ave), the state ends Route 340 even though it's another several blocks before the street ends. It's kind of funny to see how the road surface changes so drastically when maintenance is left to the County.