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Remember Where You Came From...
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The 3rd day of January 2007


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Date: Wed 03-Jan-2007 13:17 pm
Subject: Remember Where You Came From...
Whereabouts:36°37'23.00"N, 95°08'52.00"W
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Back in June we drove under the Glass House McDonald's. Today we stopped for the fine free facilities provided and so the view is back to the east for the picture of the day.

Will Rogers Turnpike
Will Rogers Turnpike from the Glass House McDonalds, Vinita, Oklahoma
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...In this case, it might be just as well for kamoranakrre to forget where he just came from. As this view shows, it's just miles and miles of boring. He sees why people are willing to pay to get across it faster.

It appears, based on Google Earth's data, that the city of Vinita, Oklahoma is not above using strip annexation to get a cut from this elevated establishment.