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The City of Sprawling Angels
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The 6th day of January 2007


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Date: Sat 06-Jan-2007 17:40 pm
Subject: The City of Sprawling Angels
Whereabouts:34°05'46.80"N, 118°19'37.80"W
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Today, etherealsquid and kamoranakrre went to the Arclight Hollywood to see El laberinto del fauno. Going in, neither of us knew it was en Español. It's a pretty bleak film.

After seeing that picture, we ventured to the top of the parking structure and there was found a hazy picture of the day.

Los Angeles, California
Skyline of Los Angeles, California
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In this same complex there is a convenient elevator for reaching the 24 Hour Fitness. I've always wondered why the people showing up to exercise can't be troubled to climb a few flights of stairs (...fewer, in fact, than are required for me to walk up to where I live).

Date:Sat 26-May-2007 01:34 am (UTC)
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If you just worked out your legs for an hour, they're likely sore. Climbing stairs afterward sucks.