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Critical Crenellations
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The 19th day of January 2007


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Date: Fri 19-Jan-2007 11:25 am
Subject: Critical Crenellations
Whereabouts:38°38'57.20"N, 90°18'26.80"W
Music of the moment:Ozomatli - Dos Cosas Ciertas
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If you're studying chemistry, it's important to do it in a well-fortified building. That's why they topped Louderman Castle Hall with the picture of the day.

Louderman Hall
Louderman Hall
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Yes, kamoranakrre knows that the various resources contained within the halls of a chemistry building could construct the very devices that make such defensive structures useless. Those HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS ARE USED IN THIS WORKPLACE and radiation warnings on the doors are pretty convincing, anyway.