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The 21st day of January 2007


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Date: Sun 21-Jan-2007 05:22 am
Subject: Snow!

Date:Wed 08-Aug-2007 01:07 am (UTC)
Subject:Temporal Distortions in San Francisco?
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Well, Friend of the Meandering Mind, LiveJournal's friends page mechanism dutifully selects for your enjoyment all posts added to LiveJournal's servers within the past fourteen (14) days from other users you have chosen to befriend.

Entries for The Picture of the Day are dated for the day on which the picture was taken, which has very little to do with the day on which it was added to LiveJournal's servers, except for that they typically go in the same order.

Basically, kamoranakrre is several months behind the present (a fact of which people remind him quite often!) with his postings, but is clever enough to not tick the Date Out of Order tickbox. He continues to write them as if they were written on the day of the photograph--the immediacy of this style adds to many readers' enjoyment(s).