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Have a Seat!
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The 1st day of February 2007


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Date: Thu 01-Feb-2007 13:45 pm
Subject: Have a Seat!
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Music of the moment:Aaron Copland - Appalachian Spring
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Snow is wonderful, wouldn't you say? Wintertime without snow is pretty dreary; just cold and lifeless. Add a fluffy white dusting to the landscape, and suddenly everything's all bright and cheery! (I s'pose if you don't like snow, then only one of those applies.) If you wanted to come along and frost your surroundings nobody would be particularly thrilled with you (unless you're in the middle of constructing a castle made of cake), but the sky is quite welcome to create the picture of the day.

Chair and Stool
A chair and a stool topped with snow
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kamoranakrre declined to sit, unsurprisingly.