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Happy New Year
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The 2nd day of February 2007


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Date: Fri 02-Feb-2007 22:55 pm
Subject: Happy New Year
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Music of the moment:Rufus Wainwright - Oh What a World
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A year ago in this journal appeared a train marking the start of a new project. kamoranakrre'd never intended it to be an everyday thing when starting out, but anymore the roaring crowds (or a few very vocal folks) wouldn't have it any other way! So now it's time for the 366th picture of the day.

Pawprints in the Snow
Pawprints in the Snow
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I s'pose nowadays the pictures are ©MMVII, but that's ridiculously automatic this century that you can forget copying them through probably at least 2150 or 2200 AD. After all, if I didn't get exclusive rights to my work for at least a century I'd never share it with the world!